Hetcher, week of 29 Jan

Like I mentioned in my last update, the viscosity/density data collection is planned to finish soon. Three of the four C2-methylated imidazolium-based ILs have data, as do at least two of the four non-methylated. In the coming morning I will start the [C10dmim][TFSI] temperature scans, and Allison will have the [Cnmim][TFSI]’s done soon. Then we CAF!

In my other endeavor, I found a few KF titrators on eBay that are of similar make/model that is referenced in the purity papers. However, most are sold for parts, as the original company stopped producing them around 2001. Any that are similar or in good order are pricey-er than I originally expected. Science is expensive.

The literature review is being performed, with focus on the Hunt, Fumino, and Noack papers. The Fumino and Hunt groups have multiple forays into the field, so I’m thinking it might be necessary to summarize the entirety of their works and explore whether any conclusions they make are self-contradictory. Then a focus on their “final” arguments can be more effectively addressed.

As @Lowrya2 mentioned, this tutorial is 40% done. And ~60 days from San Francisco. And ~130 days from graduating. Time flies when you’re having fun.


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