Hetcher, week of 15 Jan

The new year and term have gotten off to a great start so far. It’ll be a brief update, because things are just beginning to unfold, it seems.

Plans have been made to finish the collection of all density/viscosity data before the end of this week, and to begin analyzing the results for preliminary activation energies. At that point we will begin constructing figures, which, once created, will hopefully provide a clear visual indication of what the data says.

I’m also in the middle of a search for the Karl Fischer titrator that we keep not being concerned with. As long as we can verify the [Cndmim][TFSI] series doesn’t take on water over time, our current data collection is verified. I’ve found a few makes/models referenced directly in the literature, but some appear to have been discontinued, or in less-than-ideal shape.

In the meantime, review of the CAF and its reasoning is ongoing. I’m enjoying the semi-informal discussions taking place, due to the common interest we all have for this research.


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