Hetcher, week of 29 Jan

Like I mentioned in my last update, the viscosity/density data collection is planned to finish soon. Three of the four C2-methylated imidazolium-based ILs have data, as do at least two of the four non-methylated. In the coming morning I will start the [C10dmim][TFSI] temperature scans, and Allison will have the [Cnmim][TFSI]’s done soon. Then we CAF! In … More Hetcher, week of 29 Jan

Week 4-Update (CVH)

I’ve spent these first few weeks working through the various articles and chapter readings that Allison has given us to review. I’ve spent a lot of time going through the primary literature again, to (a) make sure I haven’t missed anything, (b) check if any new relevant research has been published, and (c) to try … More Week 4-Update (CVH)