Hetcher, week of BREAK

#mobile update

I started gathering the data this past Tuesday, starting with the viscosity and density of [C4dmim][TFSI] in the temperature range of 25-85 degrees. To confirm no historesis effect, this range was explored for both increasing and decreasing temperature. The viscosity in the higher temps may need to be retaken, though, as it was in the very bottom range of the selected capillary, the 1.8 mm. The lower temperatures are not concerning, but going too low might result in a solid. More deliberations to come.

I also am currently in Houghton, Michigan, visiting both my siblings who are in their final week of class, as well as Dr. Loredana Valenzano, the resident “applied quantum chemist”. We talked at length about her research, graduate school, and my potentially joining her research group as a graduate student next fall. It was both a very exciting and nerve-wracking experience. If nothing else, it gave me context for what to expect when I drive out to Wyoming next week to meet with Dr. Anderson.


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