Week 10- The Last Update of the YEAR!!

Hey all, this week has been a long last week of term. I have written my first draft of the proposal to get money from the Senior Experience funds for the ACS National Meeting and for new materials to make new concentrations of our lithium doped RTILs. It’s been an exciting week here in Lake Wobegon, and I for one looking forward to the upcoming break. For the viscosity data, we are attempting to employ the Limited Angle setting on the Lovis in order to get a larger range for our samples. The C3mPyrrTFSI sample just went over the 300cP limit for the 1.8 capillary for the 5C data point so we will have to avoid that when running the viscosity for the C4, C6, and C8 solutions. Hopefully we will get this data soon!

Until next year,



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