Hetcher, week of 14 Nov

The Lovis has been confirmed as working, and the next step in data collection is to coordinate who gets it and what’s being looked at when. Between myself and CVH, seeing as we’re both relatively close by this winter, I think we can both be completed before mid-December at the latest.

The accuracy had been under question because data for increasing temperature scans did not match that of decreasing temperature scans. Although the issue was determined to be  a conversion oversight, there was speculation that it was due to what I thought Allison said was the “Histerises” effect. I think I misheard her saying “hysteresis”, and a second look into it stimulated some serious curiosity and a little deja vu. This might be an avenue to explore in graduate schools.

We did get a refresher course on cleaning the viscometer, which focused on the extra process involved with purging the system with CO2 and dry air. It’s simple enough, and effective.

I’ve also been looking into funding for our trip to San Francisco, dependent of course on acceptance of our abstracts. Lodging, travel, and registration should all be within budget, with a bit extra to spend on the project itself. So it’s very conceivable that we purchase either more ionic liquids we’re currently studying, more unique ionic liquids, or even a KF titrator. Exciting times!

Oh, and I’m enjoying LaTeX more and more as the days go by.


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