Week 9 In Review

Sorry about the late posting, but things have definitely speed up the last week or so. This week we finished and submitted our abstract for the ACS national meeting, so San Fran here we come! I also took our first set of data for the 10:1 C3mPyrrTFSI LiTFSI solution using the Lovis and the density measurements are in agreement with the previous measurements, so that may suggest we experienced no contamination from atmospheric H2O. I am also creating a budget for the continuation of our project. This means that we will be making more concentrations in the near future, and hopefully getting a fancy Metrohm Karl-Fischer Titrator! This week is full of excitement for the future, stress, and sleeplessness and I can’t say that I am not looking forward to break in the next week or so. The graduate school hunt/application process has been put on hold for this week, but with the earliest deadlines being in January I am confident that winter break will be the time to finalize my statement of interest and clear up my resume. All is looking up from here.


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