Hetcher, week of 7 Nov

The ACS Undergraduate Poster Session has received an abstract from myself and Allison. It took a fair amount of development and specificity, but then again, that’s just hard science. I like the end product, as it portrays just about every step we’ve taken in the process of understand just what the heck is going on with these things. I’m excited to begin planning the trip and get ready for a whirlwind of new experiences with academia.

Additionally, the ionic liquids themselves are looking good. I’m excited to begin taking data, although I’m concerned it may have to wait until during winter break. Thankfully, I’ll be near enough to make the drive at least twice a week. A buddy of mine is taking a D term class, and it shouldn’t be a hassle to couch-crash if needed. Thankfully, the viscometer is automated. Plop them in and wait for the robot to do its thing.

Statements of purpose and personal statements are being constructed. I don’t know whether to treat them as scientifically as the literature we’re writing for PChem Lab, although of course I need to take just as fine-tooth a comb through them. It’s been a little bit of a hassle getting the required documents for Tech; they sent mea password that didn’t exist!! It’s been resolved, and concern lies elsewhere now.

I’m a little saddened to be playing my last football game this weekend. I know this is a scientific blog, but I’ve been playing for the past fourteen years, and it’s a struggle to say goodbye. I think acceptance is there, but damn it, we need to beat the crap out of that team down south. I can’t stand them.

Thanks for the chair.


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