Week 8

This week has been mostly devoted to writing the abstract for the student poster secession at the ACS meeting this spring. We currently are on draft v.5. which I am fairly satisfied with. It is interesting to spend so much time trying to construct one paragraph of writing. It almost seems like an extension of P. Chem. Lab, but where every word, phrase, and construct needs to flow and use extremely precise language to neither over convey nor under convey what the scope of our research is about. I imagine that actually writing a scientific paper is far closer to this process than our sometime plug and chug methodology with writing papers for P. Chem Lab (this also may be that if I took such a rigorous approach to my P. Chem. Lab articles they might be accepted with only minor revisions).

I have finally made contact with the geochemistry division of the ACS, figuring that Allison might strangle me if I had not by our meeting on Wednesday. Although I have yet to hear back, I am getting more confident that the Master to Ph.D. might be a logical choice if I am not accepted immediately into a Ph.D. program. It does build up my fear a little to contemplate being in a geology master program since my experience has been almost exclusively in the realm of geochemistry, and I wonder how I would fair just plopping into a geology department. This is tempered by the fact that I am extremely excited at the prospect, because it allows me to completely learn something new outside of my normal expertise. Sometimes I feel like I have been so wrapped up in chemistry, especially this term, that I forget what it’s like to not be a very experience student. Either way, I am very amped for graduate school, its the applying part that seems to get me down.

I took some time off this weekend in order to recoup my strength for the upcoming 2 weeks. Although this hasn’t been the most rigorous term I have had, I find it has been taking a toll of me both emotional and physical. This is probably due in part to the graduate school search which has its highs and lows, but also to the out-of-the-box thinking for P. Chem. Lab. I am really looking forward to break, I didn’t realize how much I missed staying in pajamas all day and playing with my dog until I went home this weekend, and I think everyone can probably share in that sentiment.

Over and out,




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