Hetcher, week of 31 Oct

The synthesis of [C4dmim][TFSI] has been completed and is ready for determination of transport properties. We have roughly 25 g more, which relates to about 20 mL. Plenty for both the viscometer and conductivity meter, when it’s ready. From what I understand, the Karl Fischer titration machine will be the first one to test with, however. The others (hexyl-, octyl-, decyl-) are all quite hydrophobic, so I don’t believe water contamination is of issue. If Allison disagrees, then we can simply place them back in the vacuum over before testing.

In the meantime, the project has turned into more of a literature experience. Sources are being compiled, BibTex databases are being made, and an outline/draft of the necessary information to be summarized in the introduction is in the works. All this should also contribute to the abstract that is being written for the Undergraduate section of the ACS meeting in April.

Within the next week, I’ll have final drafts of my personal statements and other written works for graduate school applications, and the abstract will have been submitted. The terms is definitely starting to wrap up quickly.


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