Week 7

This week has been devoted to writing summaries of papers on experimental physical properties of LiTFSI Pyrrolidinium TFSI mixtures. Of all of these papers, the one by Martinelli has proved the most useful, giving ionic conductivity data of three separate ionic liquid cations. Beside writing summaries I am also discovering new papers, especially on neat ILs and their viscosities, densities, and diffusion. Of course we ourselves are waiting to collect data on the viscosities and conductivites of our solutions. The new Lovis attachment has yielded data on C8mimTf that is significantly different from our previous data, and that us at a stand-still.

The graduate school hunt goes on. I have been told by a number of professors that not having a degree in Geology will not reflect well on my application. This might mean that I have to go through my Masters separately and then transfer over to the Ph.D. Stephen and I had a heart to heart yesterday, and afterwards I realized that the only subject that I would want a Ph.D. in is Geochemistry, though our talk was mainly on whether a Ph.D. is really what I want to do for my life. I’ve been really conflicted lately, although I really like learning and being here at Lawrence, I feel as if the stress wears at me too much. I wonder how I will fair at graduate school since even getting to this point was a major challenge and at times seemed improbable. I feel that if I am going to succeed I need to change how I approach my work, and how I deal with the resulting stress.


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