Hetcher, week of 17 October

To be straight-forward, there have been some tough decisions about what to focus on in the past week. The complications arise when there’s so many cool science things I’d like to look into, but there’s other fun science I’m being asked to do. Enough beating around the bush, I’ll say it: PChem Lab is kicking my ass.

I have been able to find some time to work on the independent study, though. I checked the data on the ethanol sample we ran last week in the fancy new Lovis viscometer, and the data agreed within 1% for both temperatures. I look forward to running samples through it in the (near?) future.

The summer results were presented at the poster symposium last Thursday, although the poster itself may need some refinement. I realized as I was discussing with people at the event that it couldn’t stand all on its own. A few clarification points and extra figures here and there, but it is just heavy-duty paper after all.

The ionic liquid re-synthesis has not moved forwards. I got caught up in everything, but reading period should provide the perfect amount of time to finish it off. A summary of the current literature and theories (Noack, Hunt, etc.) is in progress.

Applications for graduate school have begun enthusiastically (see: as much as I can muster). Aside from the initial contact with UW, I still haven’t heard back in regards to further research, but still intend to visit in December.


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