5th Week The Vis-co-meter

This week I have moved away from Karl Fischer Titrations and on to working with our new Viscometer. Although the tiny pieces involved in this instrument make it very difficult and kind of scary to work with, I have been able to determine how to do a viscosity check on the new Lovis attachment. You can do this check by using degassed DI water, and the 1.59 capillary tube, and then compare the results to the standard values known by the computer. This same method is also employed to do a Level Adjustment. I also looked into what solvents would be best used to clean the instrument, it appears that acetone may cause minor damage to some of the wetted parts of the instrument, and it may be better to use ethanol instead. I am really looking forward to taking some Ionic Liquid data with the new attachment, but I am very concerned that I know how to use the instrument very well before any attempt is made.

I have been e-mailing a lot of professors whose research I am interested in for Graduate School opportunities. I have heard back from 3 out 8 so far without any extremely promising responses, but I am trying to keep my hopes up, and continue to look for more universities and programs that I would be interested in.

This next week I am going to be summarizing and organizing the literature I have on Ionic Liquid Lithium TFSI solutions, and bring these results to Allison. I am excited about this since I have felt that I have been falling a little bit behind on the work for this independent study and this gives me an opportunity to really dive into something. More news next week, until then stay tuned.


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