Semester at ‘See (Wupdate 5, F16)

So I’ve been listening to the old Maroon 5 album ‘Songs about Jane’ (2002) and *my* *word* is that a good album. The Sun has a short bridge that maybe goes top 5 behind Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So.

Right, well tonight I’m going to see “Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes” in a so called “Secret Concert” where they tell you the location like 24 hours in advance. A bit sus, but pretty fun, I thought. We shall see if my $10 was well spent.

This weekend I’ve also planned a trip down to Lake Ocoee ~ an hour from Chattanooga, TN. It should be wicked, as I’ve heard only the best about the sunrises/sunsets down there.

That’s my personal life, mom, are you happy?

Work is super great! This week my boss(es) are both gone on vacation so I’ve been kicked from the nest Into the Great Wide Open*. I planned out a solid 4 days (Monday-Thursday) and I’ve been carrying out the experiments I planned with (not yet confirmed, but suspiciously likely) success. I’ve picked up the skills to work independently (!) and my preliminary results have been quite promising. If I am able to produce a protein product that the group has not yet expressed with E. coli, then my project will change pace from testing/comparing to isolating/characterizing, which would hopefully yield very presentable results. As it stands, I may have already produced one such protein, but I have not been able to confirm with a  western blot because we’ve run out of secondary antibody and the next batch hasn’t arrived yet. What an exciting time to be alive!

Also of note, I emailed Gary Van Berkel at the behest of Prof. Brandenberger to set up an informational interview with him next week. He’s a Lawrence alum leading a mass spectroscopy and laser spectroscopy group here at the lab. I’ll be spending my weekend doing some researching to prepare for this. Meanwhile, Craig has also promised a boatload of problems for pchem.


*See Petty, Tom



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