Hetcher, week of 10 October

The lithium TFSI has arrived and is ready to be used, but the synthesis has yet stalled. There’s a slight tuning issue with the NMR, which Graham is working on figuring out, so characterization that way is a no-go. Within the next week or two, the process of switching from phosphorus to proton NMR should be painless, and then I’ll be able to check my samples. The IR has been dismantled (by a technician), and is not attached to anything, so cannot be used, either. Because of these, I have decided to momentarily forego analyzing the solid bottled sample, and try again. With the Li[TFSI] readily available, this issue should not arise again. The synthesis is currently underway.

Otherwise, I was told by Dave Hall that I might still be able to squeeze into a spot at Midstates, which is exciting. Hopefully we have at least preliminary transport data to explore by the time St. Louis comes around. In order to do so, I will need to talk with Chris and see how Karl Fischer titrations are coming along, and if we can determine water content of the ionic liquids. If nothing else, I think it may be worthwhile to use the CAF analysis of the singly-methylated IL’s as a description of what we will be doing, and how a comparison will be approached.

To rephrase what Chris has already stated, the glovebox was opened. Exposed. It was weird. But the new viscometer is indeed around and about, with this week likely being my turn to get nitty-gritty and “play” around with it.


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