Hetcher, week of 3 October

I have not yet heard from Daniel about the status of the incoming liTFSI,  but will make it a point to inquire today. The synthesis may need to be redone from the beginning, or looked at more closely, because the [C4dmim]Br so far created has both a solid and liquid component. It’s quite likely, by my reasoning, that the liquid is waste, which could be evaporated off, since that step normally waits until the TFSI anion has been added. The ionic liquid should not be solid, as the name suggests, but it is possible that the hood is held under a slightly colder temperature regime. I don’t know whether that should be such a distinct visible difference, however. All in all, this might adjust the overall procedure a little bit, but as long as we can end up with a similar product, it can’t be too harmful. Synthesis is a state function, right?

On the forefront of continuing education, I’ve got a date set for the GRE, a correspondence started with my primary schools of choice, and tentative plans to travel over winter break. I intend to get in touch with Brandon Taylor for an informal Q&A about the next steps, since there are a few lanes of reference between the two of us.


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