Semester at ‘See (Wupdate 4, F16)

::: Saturday night, feeling alright :::

Kneading some bread dough and listening to “Oh, Loretta!” by Sex on Toast, so like if you think you can 1-up me ‘hit my line’ as the kids are saying these days.

The past 2 weeks (this should be Wupdate 5, #myb) have been… pretty good. I’ve figured out almost everything that has gone wrong for me in the lab and (in many cases) produced something less wrong to prove it! Excitingly, my next week in the lab will be testing 3 or 4 different cell-free protein synthesis kits and then I will evaluate their effectiveness with my newly-honed skills. I do have a few more loose ends to tie up before I get into this new stuff, but I can do some of it in parallel.

ALSO I’ve thought more about exactly why one would apply to the ORSS program and I’d definitely thought about this previously, but the insane extent of this is only beginning to dawn on me:

The lab has way more instruments / tools / resources / time \ research \ faculty members \ connections \ opportunities \ heavy water than any of the ACM schools. The lab has WAY more than *ALL* the ACM schools (esp. the heavy water).

The lab is the real deal, my friends, and I am fortunate to be experiencing the real deal.

Plugs aside, today I watched “Local celebrities paired with llamas” race against each other for charity, I did the cupid shuffle (duh, like you have to if it comes on..!), and I purchased some tickets to the Leon Bridge/Lianne La Havas concert on Tuesday. Previously, I went to see the Lake Street Dive & Rubblebucket on Wednesday in Knoxville and Blind Pilot, Son Little, & Kacey Musgraves at Pilgrimage music festival outside of Nashville. Oh and I took a pchem exam.

“We live in such extraordinary times”

-The Kooks, Taking Pictures Of You (Junk of the Heart)

HBD Alex



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