Hetcher, week of 26 September

The second synthesis of [C4dmim][TFSI] is at a standstill until more Li[TFSI] arrives, although it has already been ordered. Based upon previous experience with this order, we should begin the next step by Thursday, the 29th. After it has been fully synthesized, we can explore the consistency of the procedure by taking spectra (IR & NMR) once again and finding that there are no major discrepancies between the two syntheses. It might also give some insight into the storage performance of the original.

One of the curious points about this project is the definition of the hydrogen bond. Some people seem to think that carbon doesn’t fit in the D-H••A bond model quite the same as the more commonplace oxygen, nitrogen, etc. For that reason, reading of both the Pimentel and Gilli books will provide a solid basis for the introduction of any paper to be produced of this work. Both seem to conclude in the affirmative (C-H••A is totally valid), with Gilli taking a more PC approach.

From a personal standpoint, I’ve been looking further into potential graduate programs, and continue to get more excited (and nervous, but those go hand-in-hand). Further steps to reach out are underway. I did find a really neat YouTube video where the department head at Wyoming discusses his approach to scientific research. Deciding a date for the GRE is also on my list of priorities, although it has been narrowed down, quite drastically.

Procedurally, I messed up the title of my most recent update. I’ve been trying to stay more organized, and that simple flub just makes it all the more frustrating.


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