19 September, Hetcher Week 2

I need to stay within the groove. I did not update on progress made during the first week. This is that update.

In order to obtain the data we’re going to compare and analyze for these ionic liquid systems, we must first have the ionic liquids of interest. This was the basis for the first half of my summer work, to synthesize our liquids. We found that our first trial of the procedure outlined by Noack, et al seemed sufficiently successful, and we have decided to perform it again for [C4dmim][TFSI]. This is also going to help Allison learn the steps of the synthesis and see exactly how I did it before. The first step of the process, alkylating the dimethylimidazole with bromobutane, has been completed, and we will be moving onto the “anion switching’ stage shortly. This should also provide a second set of spectroscopic data to compare with what we had before, further supporting our claims for the purity and consistency of the synthesis procedure.

Otherwise, I’m excited for the new viscometer, which has arrived and will be installed soon.


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