Semester at ‘See (Wupdate 3, F16)

Obviously, I love that I’m the only one that’s posting “research updates” right now because it makes me feel like I’m front page news (;

! How’s Tennessee, GUS?

It really is quite nice, yet again! I just made dinner and lunch which involved me cutting up not only 2 eggplants, but also a cabbage — purple, duh — which really made me feel old… (yikes)

Aside from the kitchen festivities (I also used the La Cloche again this weekend – ask Allison) I’ve been working on troubleshooting lots of things at work. As it stands right now, I mostly work unsupervised. I maybe get an hour or so of instruction/help each day, but beyond that I’m working off of protocols, memory, manuals, questions I direct at others in the lab, questions I direct at complete strangers, and gut instincts (double yikes). So a lot of what I’ve been doing hasn’t been working, partially because I don’t know how to do it, partially because I’m not sure why I’m doing it. The buy in is *steep*. BUT! Today, I think I figured out why my western blots weren’t working, which is fantastic because those things are handy! It turns out I was following a protocol a little too closely and that the one I was using to block/immunostain/etc. was interfering with my imaging protocol.

“So it goes” -AMF.

Tomorrow, I’m getting up early again to mentally prepare for a short 2-3 minute intro speech at 8:30 am but I’ll have eggplant and cabbage waiting for me on the other side at lunch so I’m winning either way!

Ooo!! and as part of my troubleshooting today I email’d my way into some free-of-charge kits (saved $300, which I hear goes straight into my stipend*) from the company!!

*That is a joke. The U.S government wouldn’t let that fly…


but, then again look at Wells Fargo


/: Sobering.





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