Breanna – F2016 Week 1

Joke’s on Gus because we’re BACK.  Of course we have yet to actually come up with a goal for this term beyond me figuring out what to do with my life, but that’ll happen with time.

The general idea is as follows:

  1. Communicate with UW-Oshkosh and try to meet with them.  They’ve got a MALDI-TOF MS, it may or may not work, etc.
  2. If getting the MALDI up and running looks reasonable, then I’ll have to figure out a timeline for preparing for/enacting the triboelectric eZooMS method that we’d like to use to identify the manuscript’s parchment.
  3. If getting the MALDI up and running DOESN’T look reasonable (at least for awhile), then I’m guessing we’ll turn to the “new” manuscript and to figuring out whether we can use our Raman on it (is it too big?).
  4. Take the GRE. Apply to grad school. Hold my breath until early spring.


That’s honestly what I’ve got right now.  Thankfully Allison is fully on board with half of my independent study this term being spent on grad school research/applications/panicking/crying, so that’s extremely useful and wonderful.

THREE MORE TERMS.  That’s it.  Wow.  Someone help me.


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