Breanna – Summer Weeks 8 & 9

I’ve clearly fallen behind in updating, so here’s two weeks in one (brief) entry.

The major success of Week 8 was that I used the macro adaptor to take spectra of the middle of the manuscript!  This meant getting that gnarly Si chip off the cradle with a good dose of acetone, but I managed.  The results of these spectra showed that azurite is almost definitely what’s been used throughout the whole Book of Hours – great confirmation that gave me the confidence to present my findings the following week.

Week 9 was presentation week, so other than preparing my Power Point I didn’t get the chance to do any research in Allison’s lab.  I did get a nice spectra of just the parchment, though, which was then used on Thursday.

As for the presentation itself, I was very happy with how everything went.  I think I succeeded in holding the audience’s attention (at least as much as possible considering I went at the end of the day) and that I was well-prepared to tell my story.  The slides I put together were pretty clear and I was mostly within the time allowed.  There were a few things that I definitely wish I had changed/added if I had time, though, especially 1) adding an Ultramarine spectra from the miniature for comparison and 2) sneaking in that picture of Allison and I looking at the “newer” manuscript.  I also think I worded some things a bit oddly when I answered questions, but overall that section went ok.

Alright!  Next week is 10th week (well, this week technically) and my goals will be to get my hands on the “new” manuscript as well as to contact UW Oshkosh.  From there, things won’t resume until Fall Term!


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