Breanna – Summer Week 7

Had a slow week.  I still can’t get the dang Si chip off the smaller cradle and have only managed to rip off half the tape.  Excellent work, Breanna, excellent work.  That meant that I was pretty much limited to just taking spectra of the last and first few pages as per usual, but even in these I didn’t get any outstanding ones for my presentation.

I am figuring out the important differences between the 1200T and 1800T gratings, though, and concentrated on using the 1800T.  The peaks are sharper and the Rayleigh peak is much more accurate.  It looks messier, though, as in the 1200T makes for a smoother spectra overall.  I’m also seeing this interesting pattern with both spectra where the ~283 cm-1 peak is showing up much more strongly than the supposedly larger ~249 peak.  Interesting.  The 1200T grating also seems to have the habit of combining the two into one wide peak.

I also had the chance this week to 1) do some more work on my powerpoint and 2) try again to understand the quire thing.  I followed the chart in Caren’s lab notebook which I thought I understood earlier but apparently did not.  Now things make more sense, but there are still some things that don’t seem to line up.  For example, there’s a couple of very thick folios that she noted.  These should line up (aka are actually from the same piece – a bifolio) but don’t.  Or, if I consider them a bifolio and then count out from there, the quires aren’t the same ones that Caren noted.  She probably had a better idea of what she was doing than I do because I still haven’t been able to talk to Ben, but overall I’m less confused and more confused at the same time.

In doing this exploration (which took way longer than I thought it would), I also didn’t really gain any insight into the questions that I had.  Not only can I not tell if the stub was a tipped in page based on counting folios, but I can’t be sure whether the Book of Hours was put together in larger chunks (Calendar, each section in the Hours, etc) or if everything was done in the usual quire method.  So many questions unanswered!

Well, Allison is back next week so hopefully we can figure out the maco/cradle issue.

Goals achieved: Tried to answer my questions, couldn’t.  Couldn’t get to macro measurements due to technical difficulties.

Goals not achieved: See above.

Next week: Hopefully the macro adaptor and hopefully a talk with Ben.


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