Week 6

Viscosity Measurements-

This week I took the viscosity of 10:1 C4mPyrrTFSI LiTFSI over a range of 5-85C. We determined that there may be some material memory given that we could no reproduce the 25C data point. We have therefore decided to take the viscosity measurements by starting at 85C, instead of 5C, and going downwards in temperature. I had to retake the C4 measurements, but have begun this week to take the C3 measurements. If all goes well with the power outage tomorrow than I will probably begin those measurements Thursday.

Dissecting the Liquid Cell-

We took apart liquid cell 2 to find very little oil but noticed some thin pieces of organish material that we believe to be epoxy. We believe that somehow this epoxy has become corroded and is what is leaking into our sample. Why this happening now and to both liquid cells we could not conclude besides maybe the leaking thermal fluid problem.

Testing Liquid Cell 1-

We decided after dissecting liquid cell 2 that we would try running liquid cell 1 with a pure octanol solution from the glovebox, in hopes that the KCl solutions in DI water are somehow to blame. I started that run Friday and on Saturday found that the dielectric measurements almost matched exactly with previous results from Allison’s lab and no contamination what-so-ever in the sample. This lack of contamination seems to be strongly supported by IR of the octanol before and after running through the liquid cell, which are a perfect match. Given this, the last month and half of attempting to calibrate the liquid cell may have actually been causing the damage to begin with in combination with the oil from the raised thermal bath.

10:1 C3mPyrrTFSI LiTFSI Solution

A solution of 10:1 C3mPyrrTFSI LiTFSI Solution was prepared this week and will probably be tested next week.

0.35M TbaTf in Octanol Solution

A solution of 0.35M TbaTf in Octanol Solution was made of Saturday in preparation for a conductivity measurement to compare with previous results to be performed on Sunday.


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