Hetcher, week of 25 July

I forgot to update on Friday. It was a little hectic, in preparation for the power being turned off tomorrow. But I did learn how to safely shut down most of the chemistry instruments.

In my meeting with Allison, we determined that, while working to get the liquid cell running, I would shift the focus of the summer towards more of a spectroscopic approach. I’ll be trying to determine the peak assignments of the imidazolium ionic liquids and comparing between those  that are C2-methylated and C2-protonated. Hopefully the ATR-IR that we have has a sufficient resolution for such a task.

I am in the process, still, of synthesizing the rest of the [C10dmim][TFSI], since the sample that was procured is much only about 7 mL instead of the expected 25 mL. I anticipate being able to finish that before the power is turned off Tuesday.

The spectra I developed from last week have some interesting attributes. All four IL’s have a set of 3-4 peaks in the 2850-3000 cm-1 region, which, if I remember correctly, were attributed to the C4/C5 hydrogen bonding region of the imidazolium ring. These peaks shift in intensity (and slightly in energy) as the length of the alkyl chain increases, so I might likely be forgetting something. These also do not appear to affect the higher energy peaks at 3150 cm-1, which are within 1 wavenumber and roughly equal intensity for all four lengths. It’s an interesting project, for sure.

Along with taking some higher resolution IR spectra, I’m also going to try getting Raman peaks for these ionic liquids, but will likely wait until Allison returns, for assistance with interpretation.


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