Breanna – Summer Week 6

This week I managed to get some good reading in via Pen to Press.  I learned that the little stub I’ve seen in the Book of Hours might be a sign that a folio was “tipped in” rather than something being cut out as I’d originally assumed.  Tipping in a folio contrasts to the regular method of assembling bifolios, and was often done when something was forgotten, needed to be corrected, was added later, and/or was done by a separate scribe.

There are also a couple of blank (but still ruled) pages in the manuscript that I’ve seen, and this may be a hint that the manuscript was put together in larger chunks that were then stitched together:  the Calendar, different Hours of the Virgin, etc.  This was pretty common to do with Books of Hours because by the 15th century they were definitely being mass produced.  Different scribes might have worked on different chunks or (more likely) the same scribe produced many of each part and then just grabbed one of each to put together.

With all of this new info, I hope to go through the manuscript and try to find evidence for these possibilities.  This finding the middle stitch and then counting outwards to identify folios.  If there’s an odd number or places where the parchment isn’t hair to hair or flesh to flesh, then that stub is probably the result of a tipped in page.  I also want to look more closely at those occasional blank pages to see if I can tell whether the manuscript was mass produced.

Outside of reading, Allison and I found the time to do the thing we’ve all been waiting for. Mapping!  We realized pretty quickly that we won’t be able to use all of the possible axes when mapping with the macro adaptor due to the limits of the stage (again, dammit).  X, sure, but y and z are a no-no.  At least I know how to do it now!  I think.

I also fumbled around with trying to use the macro adaptor on the Book of Hours finally, but right away realized that the size of the cradle is going to get in my way.  I couldn’t get the objective close enough to the pigments for anything to be remotely in focus.  The solution to this is to switch to the other cradle that we have, but there’s currently a Si chip taped to it that I LITERALLY CANNOT GET OFF WITHOUT BREAKING!

So, goals achieved:  Mapping, yay!

Goals not achieved: None.

Next week: Try again to get the Si chip off gently.  I need that cradle!!  There’s also the power outage next week and Allison will be gone, so things are a bit up in the air.  Mostly I’m going to just try to take data w/o the macro and get some nice spectra for my presentation.


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