Week 7

The Liquid Cell- I have performed two tests this week regarding the liquid cell. One of those test was done with a 0.35M TbaTf 1-Octanol measuring conductivity over a 5-85C range and the other was of a 0.2M LiTf Cyclohexanone solution in the 5-85C. The 0.35M TbaTf 1-Octanol solution test was done to compare the … More Week 7

Week 6

Viscosity Measurements- This week I took the viscosity of 10:1 C4mPyrrTFSI LiTFSI over a range of 5-85C. We determined that there may be some material memory given that we could no reproduce the 25C data point. We have therefore decided to take the viscosity measurements by starting at 85C, instead of 5C, and going downwards … More Week 6