Breanna – Summer Week 5

My goal for this week actually changed on Monday and momentarily morphed into learning how to map half on/half off the Si chip.  That didn’t last through the end of the week, however, and in the end there definitely wasn’t any mapping involved.  This was mostly because I was very busy with Dr. Dave’s research and spent some quality time mating yeast.  But another reason was because Allison and I veered off track and discovered something very cool: we sat down and Allison spontaneously figured out how to use the video setting with the macro adaptor!

Turns out we just had to use the Trino camera and turn the shutter on, and after focusing we were then able to take a nice spectra of the Si chip.  Now I’ll actually be able to find the sample quickly instead of blindly moving the stage back and forth until I happen upon the focal point.  This was extremely exciting and will mean a lot later on when we use the adaptor on the manuscripts.

Well, that’s honestly about it for this week.  It was very heavy on my other research that I’m doing with Dave, but we did make that important headway with the Trino.  Monday was also great in that the LUSI students were here and I got a lot of practice in talking about what I do to a different audience.  Fun stuff!

Goals achieved: None that were set, but we did figure out the video setting with the adaptor.

Goals not achieved: I still need to learn mapping!  What’s it been – about 3 weeks now?  I’m turning into a broken record.

Next week: Unsure, but maybe (maybe) mapping.



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