Hetcher, week of 4 July

It was determined that the IR will need professional help, so some time this past week was spent compiling all of the issues that I’ve discovered over the past few months, to be added to the problems Allison know about beforehand. I realized, in doing this, that there are some commands within the Controller Command List which I have never thought to try. They resulted in further error messages. It’s all safe and secure in the lab, though, so we’ll hopefully get better help coming soon.

My synthesis of 1-alkyl-2,3-dimethylimidazolium TFSI ionic liquids will likely start early next week, as that is when I think most of the reagents will arrive by. I did some research into the straight production of these types of compounds (synthesis for synthesis’s sake) and was able to find a few other procedures. From papers by Noack (2010), Yan (2010), and Bonhôte (1996), I was able to create three proposals for their creation (1, 2, 3). They’ve been looked at by Professor Debbert, and will be amended based on his recommendations.

This week, I created a brief group of slides illustrating the primary backbone of the methylation investigation. Since we’re looking at how structure affects macroscopic properties, the literature can provide a large amount of data on what the range of those properties should be. Because IL’s are such a promising group of compounds, there is a lot of data being produced on this matter. It’s still only a start to an introduction on the topic, but a lot the things I’m creating at this point are “working documents”. As the department discussed over lunch yesterday, almost every well-recorded failure is beneficial, and should be shared.

On top of starting the synthesis next week, I look forward to investing more time toward the nuances of the Hydrogen Bond.



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