Summarizing the Term

This week has been mainly devoted to compiling my notes from this entire term. Although I have plenty of notes to work with, deciphering and understand them is a little more difficult. I have attempted to write a summary of the major points/concepts that we worked through this term, but because of how much time it takes to understand, conceptualize, and compartmentalize each topic I have only been able to cover the basic mechanism of the CAF and how it differs from other theories, it seems that I spend far more time trying to explain the material to myself than I do actually writing the summary. But on the other hand I am encountering questions that I had not thought about before and realizing some topics I thought I understood are not as concrete as I previously thought. For instance, why does varying the alkyl chain length change the dielectric constant? Or how does transition state theory and free volume theory fit into other mathematical expressions for charge/mass transport in liquids like VFT and WLF? I’ve realized that although I may understand the details, or at least are acquainted with the details, of the CAF I don’t have a sense of scope for the field in general. Although this may seem daunting I think getting acquainted with the field of charge/mass transport will be a lot easier than getting acquainted with the CAF since there are resources for learning about these models and theories are more widely available.


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