Master Curves

This week’s main focus was to prepare a Master Curve from our given set of data. I did this by using the equation below

σo = σ/(e-Ea/RT)

to calculating our exponential prefactor, and then plotting the exponential prefactor against the dielectric constant for each given temperature. This gave a fairly uniform scatter that followed an exponential trend. This trend supports the idea that the exponential prefactor is directly dependent on the dielectric constant and validates the central claim of the CAF.

In other news, I was able to locate a calibration standard for the liquid cell using a KCl solution from the CRC, which hopefully we will use to confirm or refute whether evaporation is going on in the liquid cell and causing the data discrepancy we observed last week for our 0.035M TbaTf 1-octanol solutions. I am getting more excited for summer coming around the corner and the work we are going to be doing with CAF.


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