Hetcher, week of 23 May

The past weeks, we have been developing a better understanding for the scaling procedure for the CAF. It’s quite a process to get every point of it working just right, and I’ve had to rethink which row of numbers means what on the Excel sheet multiple times. That will only continue to smooth out as we continue to delve deeper.

Previously, I had gotten a reasonable value for the energy of activation for the 1-alcohol family of solvents, with standard deviation below 1.5 kJ/mol. As I tied to develop a better working model, the numbers seemed to get further and further away. Eventually, I had to scrap a few of the tentative changes. This is where most of the rethinking took place.

The most beneficial part of the last week in particular was leaving Lawrence. I had gone back home for my brother’s graduation, and took the opportunity to explain, a few times, what this research entails. Fortunately, my father teaches chemistry, and my uncle is an engineer, so the conversations were worthwhile for both my understanding, and theirs.



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