Benjamin Clark – 5/12/2016 Update

These last three weeks have been insanely busy. I have dealt with sickness, midterms, and making some decisions for the future. Thankfully my perseverance has payed off in the integration of components for the array creation, and as of today we now have another component for automation much closer to completion. Over the last few weeks I have been able to finally compile of of the programs that I have been working on to create an array of the measurements, and have succeeded in creating a functioning VI. Though this is only one part of the overall program I am ecstatic with my progress and in developing this component. With this VI we are able to request the temperature, time and viscosity measurements and compile them into an array. This works, in a way. Though it is not fully functional I have begun making progress in incorporating a case structure so that the process is iterative and adds to the array rather than creating a new one for each triplet of data points. I hope to continue to refine and fix this program while running the viscometer in order to verify the VI’s functionality and to be able to see the VI’s shortcomings. Lastly I have begun to annotate my progress and notebook so that it will be able to be useful for those that come after me. There has been a lot of progress and I am excited for more.


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