Well, it’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon

This week was devoted to data analysis of the two 0.035molal TbaTf 1-hexanol solution prepared four weeks earlier. This mainly involved some copying and pasting between excel workbooks, but also provided insight into the actual mechanism of the calculations. Of particular note was the calculations of stray capacitance parameter which I believe to be a correction factor for calculating the dielectric constant. I have been searching for an analog for this equation online, and found an equation similar regarding a correction factor for an effect known as the “Parasitic Capacitance”. Though I am unsure how or why this correction factor is needed, I am sure with some further digging I can find the answer. In other news I have also worked through the remaining questions regarding the Petrowsky et al. 2012 paper on the CAF’s relation to dipole density. A question that remains in my mind is how exactly the CAF is volume dependent. Although Petrowsky et al. 2012 states that “dipole density decreases with increasing temperature as a result of the thermal volume expansion of the liquid” (pg 10104) I find this answer to be very indirect and unsatisfying, but since my aesthetic satisfaction is not the primary driving force behind the CAF I might have to be content with this answer.

In the next upcoming weeks I hope that we actually produce plots of the dielectric constant vs conductivity, and can begin further analyzing the data to see if it matches up with Professor Fleshman’s database from previous studies. It would be good to know if our lab technique is up to par for this summer.


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