Summarizing the Term

This week has been mainly devoted to compiling my notes from this entire term. Although I have plenty of notes to work with, deciphering and understand them is a little more difficult. I have attempted to write a summary of the major points/concepts that we worked through this term, but because of how much time … More Summarizing the Term

Benjamin Clark – 5/26/2016 Update

This week both temperature dependent density and viscosity was recorded for C6MIM PF6 and temperature dependent density was recorded for C4MIM PF6. Additionally the process of annotation for the programs which I have developed has begun. My goals concerning the end of term are to complete a interval array which includes time, temperature, and viscosity, … More Benjamin Clark – 5/26/2016 Update

Master Curves

This week’s main focus was to prepare a Master Curve from our given set of data. I did this by using the equation below σo = σ/(e-Ea/RT) to calculating our exponential prefactor, and then plotting the exponential prefactor against the dielectric constant for each given temperature. This gave a fairly uniform scatter that followed an … More Master Curves

Scaling it Up

This week was mainly focused around figuring out how the scaling procedure works. The hardest part of this was interpreting and analyzing Allison’s dissertation which, although it provides a lot of useful information on the general procedure, seems to a lack a specific procedure. I spent most of my time trying to figure out how … More Scaling it Up

Breanna – Week 5/6 (aka eraser mystery 2k16)

The erasers that we’ll be using for protein extraction on the manuscript are Mars Plastic 526 50s, which are white vinyl erasers composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and a calcium carbonate filler.  Many online sources also claim that they contain a phthalate plasticizer, which I found entirely reasonable because PVC is super rigid and really … More Breanna – Week 5/6 (aka eraser mystery 2k16)