Caren Sullivan–April 28th, 2016

This past week I created more samples of parchment dyed with ink, as well as parchment dyed with gallic acid solutions. After allowing all the solutions to dry, I took IRs of each sample in three different locations on the sample in order to show reproducibility. Although some of the bands were slightly shifted, the three spectra for each sample were extremely similar. Interestingly enough, the parchment dyed with the gallic acid solutions visually looks surprisingly similar to the ink in the Calendar section of the manuscript.

I did a few other experiments including testing between the hair and flesh sides of the parchment. Conclusion: no difference in the IR spectra. Also, I tried to collect spectra of different samples with the IR needle up so we can collect IR spectra of the manuscript. Unfortunately, every sample I tried turned out as complete noise. I will attack this more tomorrow.

Next week I plan to get back on the Raman and take spectra of the manuscript as my senior experience talk is fast approaching!


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