Business as usual – 5 weeks of reading, writing, and kimchi

This week I continued to write my paper draft of the results section, which I have given to Allison to read. I’ve also been messing around with the data to make it feel more like my own (which sounds weird, but I didn’t actually collect this data so I feel like I need to give it some love — which sounds weird.) My week involved some reading as well, as I paged through the spectroscopy paper and the work that Chris did with the TMAA-TFSA ILs. I’m going to need to take a few more cracks at it before I have a good handle on it. Other than that, I read the Seki paper over again to see what they said about their data (yes, this is the data I’m loving) and if I’m being honest, they really didn’t say much about it. Lots of good data though! Some really fun XRD data.

Allison cancelled our meeting today so I’m going to be writing the scaling procedure for supplementary information, reading over “electrochemical aspects of ILs”, reading some Mark Ratner, and calculating the molar conductivity of the TMAA-TFSA ILs for Thursday/next weekend.

On a fun note, I’m going to Chicago this weekend to check out the surgical museum so that’ll be cool. Maybe I’ll try to talk the group into getting kimchi burritos…

…I can only dream.



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