Hetcher, week of April 25 (late update)

To be totally frank, I did not work much on the assigned task. We (CVH and I) were assigned to identify the source of a leakage problem from thermal coil to the MiniStat and to fix it. Before doing so, I finished taking data on my second prepared solution of 0.035 molal TbaTf in 1-octanol. The process was much smoother the second time, and there was no problem with the MiniStat, as Chris had with his tests. The data have been acquired, the only issue was the leakage. Chris, as he states in his update, was working primarily on Saturday, while I was in De Pere. Afterwards, I simply did not follow up and find out how far he got.

Regardless, I spent more time looking at the Petrowsky/Frech paper we had been earlier assigned. From our discussion last week, I determined that more time should be appropriated towards understanding the figures, as well as their development. After further investigation, the plot of conductivity vs. dielectric constant, as compared to the conductivity divided by the exponential (which I believe is the “master curve”) uses a different scale on the y-axis. This had tripped me up for some time in making sense of the correlation. I’m curious now to know about the relationship of the isotherms of Figure 5.b. There’s a nagging in the back of my head that there is an empirical reasoning for this, though of course it could be simply that reduce to the master curve when divided by the exponential, as shown.


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