Caren Sullivan–April 21st, 2016

This week an engineer came to fix the Raman and now it should be up and working just fine! This means next week I can take all the spectra I need! This week I spent my time taking IR spectra of my ink with no medium, blank parchment, and parchment dyed with ink. I have been working towards assigning the bands within the spectra and am finding pretty much what I expect. Other than that, I worked towards making slides for my senior experience talk, particularly focusing on the experimental section and how to explain Raman spectroscopy in a simple, yet correct, way. I am creating my own animations to help the audience understand how the technique works. I also refined some of my introductory slides based on others’ feedback. Next week I plan to actually do SSRS on the manuscript–I am so happy the Raman is back up and running! Woohoo!


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