Caren Sullivan–April 17th, 2016

I spent the week furthering my knowledge regarding how Raman spectroscopy works by diving deeper into the Atkins PChem textbook. The gross selection rule for Raman activity is the following: the molecule must be aniostropically polarizable; thus, the electron cloud must be distortable upon interaction with incident light. Since all linear molecules and diatomics have anisotropic polarizabilities, these types of molecules are Raman active.

Throughout the other parts of the week, I took IR spectra of my parchment, as well as my parchment dyed with synthesized iron gall ink. I have begun trying to assign stretching modes to bands within the spectra.

I also have begun working on Powerpoint slides for my senior experience talk and will continue this throughout the next few weeks.

An engineer is supposed to come on Tuesday in regards to fixing the Raman–hopefully we get it back up & running soon so I can take more shifted spectra and try SSRS on the parchment and dyed parchment!


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