Caren Sullivan–March 5th, 2016

This week I successfully performed SSRS on both the silicon chip (as a standard) and my ink on parchment. Unfortunately, the peaks I found when I was looking at my ink on parchment were those associated with parchment as the parchment was overwhelming the signal. I then tried drying my ink by itself on a slide and looking at the spectrum of that. The 785nm laser actually produced a very nice spectrum, so now we have something to reference. The signal with the 532nm laser is incredibly noisy, but the LabSpec software contains a processing section where you can smooth out some of the noise (don’t want to smooth too much or two peaks become one). Ultimately, my game plan is to get good spectra of both my inks on my parchment and the manuscript, then create my poster and go to ACS in one week!


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