Caren Sullivan–Feb 26th, 2016

I am still working towards completing SSRS with our known standard (Silicon chip). However, I am MUCH closer now than I was before! This week, I successfully wrote and fit a function for the derivative spectrum of the Silicon stretch peak, since we are performing a “pseudo-subtraction” regarding the peak and SSRS (which gives a “derivative-like” spectrum). Now, I am working towards looking at the positive components of my fitted curve; thus, I am interesting in integrating the fitted function to reconstruct/recreate the original spectrum. Through this process, we will prove that SSRS works properly, even when no fluorescence is present. This upcoming week, I will take spectra of my ink on parchment and the manuscript’s ink on parchment, respectively, and work towards analyzing the data via SSRS since the data DO contain fluorescence, which we are interested in eliminating. I am nearing ACS in San Diego and am excited to present this research!


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