Caren Sullivan–Feb 19th, 2016

This week I successfully took shifted Raman data of the Si chip via moving the calibration grating manually by 20 inverse cm. I was able to move the 520 cm^-1 Si peak to 540 cm^-1 and 560 cm^-1, respectively, by changing the grating by almost the same amount (20 cm^-1). I now realize when actually doing SSRS, it would be more meaningful to take data at, say, 520 cm^-1, 540 cm^-1, and 500 cm^-1 such that an average will result in the peak being correctly oriented at 520 cm^-1. I am planning to actually go through the SSRS process with the Si spectra this afternoon. Furthermore, this experiment will help us verify that SSRS works, even when no fluorescence is present (because it should work!). Also, I took ATR data of my blank parchment, as well as the DI Ink with NO GUM and the DI Ink with Gum. I will take more ATR data of other inks on parchment as well. ACS in San Diego is fast approaching so I need to get cracking on doing SSRS on my inks!


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