Caren Sullivan–January 28th, 2016

Unfortunately the Raman is still not working properly. That being said, I have been utilizing my time wisely. This week, I began recreating (in triplicate) two types of iron gall ink: in DI water and in distilled white vinegar. However, this time I am not going to add iron (II) sulfate to the ink. Instead, I am going to compare the IR, XRF, and Raman spectra of the gall nut solutions to the iron gall ink spectra. Furthermore, I also applied the DI and HAc iron gall inks (with iron (II) sulfate) to pieces of parchment. I applied inks both with and without gum arabic (but only did the ones with gum arabic in triplicate as this is the full ink recipe). Tomorrow and next week, I plan to take spectra using IR, XRF, and Raman of the inks on parchment. Also, once the gall nut solutions have fermented for 14 days, I will carry out the same parchment analysis process as with the inks.


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