Ben Clark Update – January 13, 2016

This week has been a trying one. In addition to balancing my four other classes I set a goal for this week which was to allow continuous runs for the process temperature read sub vi that I created last term. This continuous behavior is essential if the overarching program is to work. The other part of this obstacle is that the serial read function was functioning every other time with varying errors. Many attempts were made to fix these problems but other obstacles arose. For the first problem I was able to enable a continuous run by altering the structure and timing of the commands. The accompanying issue is that the continual run eventually leads to a failure in the sub vi. Additionally in order to stop the every other run functionality I implored a match true/false string function that upon the read failure cuts the string, unfortunately the formatting of the string in the next step responds to this empty string the same way it would an error and out puts 0 as a default value (which can be changed). This is a vital step; and at this moment I think it is advisable that I look for assistance with a more experienced LabVIEW veteran.


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