Caren Sullivan–January 7th, 2016: Goals for the term

I am extremely excited to get back to work on my senior experience this term! I have several goals regarding my project, especially since I will be presenting at the ACS meeting in San Diego on March 13th. I am planning to work several hours in the lab between 11:00 and 4:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. My specific goals regarding my research for the term are as follows:

  • Take Raman and ATR data of gall nuts in solution and compare to data of iron gall inks.
  • After done utilizing gall nut solution, recreate three more iron gall ink standards to ensure no degradation has happened to other bottles of ink (from previous term).
  • Take Raman spectra of multiple pages in each section of the manuscript with both the 532 nm and 785 nm wavelength lasers at three different spectrometer gratings.
  • Take the spectra multiple times to decrease noise and increase accuracy.
  • Average the spectra for each page of the manuscript.
  • Continue SSRS protocol by taking the derivative of each averaged spectrum and ultimately comparing the spectrum page-to-page of the manuscript as well as between sections.
  • Become comfortable using SSRS and explore Origin’s wondrous capabilities!

Other goals include:

  • Finish applying to grad school!
  • Get ready for ACS in San Diego!
  • Do well this term!

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