The Last Wupdate

I’ll try to remove my emotions from this post as it is my last entry for this term.

This past week I apparently have psychologically manipulated Allison to get her to collect the conductivity data for me, as after I set up the liquid cell, she has proceded to remove it, clean it, clean LC2, put both in the cool oven, and set up one of them again for c8mimTFSI. Productive procrastination, as she put it. My time this week was spent reading through an article that she got for me on interlibrary loan. I suppose the other thing I did was setting up the first impedance analyzer run. That was my week!

Here’s a more general “what I did this term” in a fancy list format:

  • I looked for lots of articles to help write the introduction of the paper
  • I took density data for the CnmimTFSI family
  • I started taking conductivity data for the family

I just summed up all 30 hours this term into three bullet points!



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