Ben Clark Update – November 17, 2015

These last two weeks have been incredibly full of school work. However, this last week I have been able to make some quite notable headway. I used the old program for two things: to see if the program communicated with the ministat successfully and to find where the processing/reference temperature was located within the program. In order to edit the other LabVIEW program to fit our needs, the first step was to find where the program was comparing the ministat temperature to the actual temperature measured, which is called the process temperature. This part of the program was found, and then isolated so that I could edit it, or re-make it, so that the process temperature will be from the viscometer instead of reading a default. Then I edited it so that the process temperature was from the viscometer. After much time, and more patience than I thought I had, I was able to establish communication via LabVIEW, and made a sub-VI that I will incorporate into the program where the process temperature is being requested.


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