Wupdate #4!

Short week (Thur-Tue) this week so I’m putting this one to press quicker than usual.

In the lab this week I took the remaining density data for C(n)mimTFSI. This occupied most of my time

During my meeting with Allison, we talked about the papers she had confiscated from me. Essentially we (she) made a list of all the things the papers contributed to our background research that we will use in the introduction of the paper. We then decided what was missing.

Hence I will be looking for papers (possibly not in existence) that have elucidated the dipole moment of ionic liquids. I am also looking for structural data (QM is preferable to MD) for the ionic liquids that we are studying.

Lastly, I will be busting out the ol’ liquid cell to take some conductivity data for the C(n)mimTFSI family.


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