Wupdate #3!

On my miniscule 3 hours per week, I actually managed to make some really good progress!

I began taking density data of the 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide family. I also taught Leif (my roommate) how to pronounce some of the ionic liquid names, which he was really excited about. Possible chemistry major? He said he’ll sit this one out and stick to Russian studies. So far, I have taken the decyl density.

*Side note, I accidentally named it C12mimTFSI on the density meter, will correct it to C10*

I also looked through the literature again this week to find important physical property data about our anions and cations for the introduction. I found not only melting points and MD simulations about our specific combinations, but I also found data (density, viscosity, conductivity)!! Not only that, but it was data that Allison found particularly interesting because she had talked to Ralph about using a certain anion. The anion of interest is one that we can systematically change the dipole density of, expanding our research to the study of anions with the CAF as well. How cool is that? Of other significance, the author who provided the supplementary information is one of the foremost experts in the field; citing his paper just might get his attention! Unfortunately, the data was not for a family of these anions so we would have to take some ourselves.

Lastly, I had a splendid week of REUing! Allison told me I should look in to applying for the Oak Ridge Science Semester REU in addition to any others that I find interesting. I recently had a conversation with Deanna about applying to REUs as well. She told me I should apply to as many as possible because they are highly competitive. I suppose the two that I am looking into are not going to be enough. Good practice for med school applications! Sheesh! Deanna also told me that she thinks that I would be a good fit for an M.D/P.h.D program! She’s now a clear candidate for one of my letters of recommendation. Oh my goodness I am so excited!

Goals for next week include: finishing up the density data, finding some more articles, getting copies of the ones I had to give away to Allison (should’ve known!), and finding 2 more REUs that tickle my fancy!

I am incredibly ticklish.


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